Location Questions

Can the tent be installed on asphalt or concrete?

Asphalt Installation

Erecting  a  tent  on  an  asphalt  surface  is  a  routine operation     requiring   that we drive iron stakes approximately 3ft. long and 1in. in diameter through the surface. The holes can be filled with ready-mix asphalt or caulk immediately after the stakes are removed. There will be minimal damage to the asphalt. We charge $3.00 to fill each hole.

Concrete Installation
When a tent is installed on a concrete surface, stakes cannot be used. We must drill holes through the concrete and screw in eye-bolts. We guy ropes to the eye-bolts to anchor the tent. Upon removal, we remove the eye – bolts and leave shields to fill the holes. We charge $5.00 per hole for this service.

Does the tent need to be anchored? How do you anchor tents?
Yes. As you know we get some heavy winds on the prairies in the summer.  The tent will be anchored using stakes at every outside pole.  We use steel stakes that are 20" to 36" long driven into the ground. The actual number of stakes and the size will vary depending on the size of the tent. Special arrangement may be possible if installing concrete or asphalt. See Location questions in next column

Do I need a permit for the tent?

It is the responsibility of the renter to check  with your Building   Permit   and   Fire   Departments   prior   to   the installation date to confirm the requirement of permits. We   will   assist   you   in   any   way   possible,   but   these clearances do remain the responsibility of the renter.

Do I have to locate the underground lines? How do I do that?

Yes. We do not want to hit any underground lines pipes when we install the spikes. We require that you contact Sask 1 Call approximately one week prior to your event. They can be reached at 1-866-828-4888. They will come out and locate the buried gas, electrical, water, and communication lines at no charge. They do not locate any septic fields, underground sprinkler systems, irrigation lines or utility lines installed by the homeowner.  You must make sure to get these identified also by a proper tradesman.

How much additional space is required when installing a tent?

As a general rule, we will need an additional 10’ of free space around your tent to install the guy wires and stakes.

Can the tent be installed on sloped ground?

It depends how badly the ground is sloped.  If you can put a table up and comfortably eat a meal, then the tent should be able to be put up.Try taking a chair around the area where you want to place the tent and try it out. If you have any doubts,give us a call and we could come out and do a site visit.

Rental / Payment Questions

What type of information will I need when requesting a quote?

The size of the tent , event location, event date(s), and surface the tent will be installed on are all required to provide you with a firm all inclusive quote. They are not obligated when requesting a quote or general pricing information. You can just fill out the form on the contact us page and we will get back to you with a quote or a request for more information.

Do you need a deposit?

A 25% deposit is required to confirm an order. Any remaining balance is due in full on the day of installation.

Do I loose my deposit if I have to cancel my reservation?

hen you reserve a tent, we immediately remove it from our inventory. Your deposit is fully refundable up to 30 days prior to the set-up date. No refund will be issued for events cancelled less than 30 days prior to the event.

When do you need the balance of payment? What payment types do you take?

Payment in full is required prior to set-up. Cash or certified check on set-up day is OK. A certified check is not required for the deposit. An invoice for the rental will be issued upon receipt of your deposit. This invoice will serve as your receipt for the deposit.

Can I Rent the tent for longer than a weekend?

Yes.  Let us know how long you require the tent.  The standard weekend rental rate includes set-up on the Friday and take down on the Sunday.  Additional days will be factored into your all inclusive price.

OK, I am want to book !  How do I do that?

First of all, Thank you, we know that you have made a great choice.  Give us a call at the number listed on the contact us page, or send us an email.  We will get back to you to either get a firm quote to you and/or schedule a site visit if required.

Tent Questions

What size tent will I need for my function?

This is a very good question. The sizing page gives a good guideline, however head tables, bars, dance floors, buffet tables all take additional space. We can help you by providing some examples of table layouts based upon your needs.

What types of sidewalls do you have for the tents?

We have French Windows – Arched windows available for both sizes.  These panels can be positioned in allow for openings on any side of the tent.

Can I BBQ under the tent?

No! BBQ’ing under the tent can coat the walls and ceiling with greasy smoke and ruin the wedding tent … it cannot be cleaned. If you damage a tent in this manner, you will be responsible for the replacement cost of the damage fabric.

What happens if the tent gets damaged?

You are responsible for any damages to the tent caused by vandalism or unruly guests.  If the tent will be left up overnight in a place accessible by the public, then we suggest that you consider overnight security services to keep not only the tent but the contents secure.  If this will be the case, we can discuss options with you.

Can I rent your tent and set it up myself?

No. We will only rent the tent on a set-up and take-down basis.  This will help ensure that it is properly installed and will allow for inspection by both parties at the start and finish of the rental.